Barry Cadish
Portland, Oregon


I won't break you.

I’m affordable, but not cheap. I don’t sacrifice copywriting quality just for the sake of "git 'er done."

Here are a few areas where my writing can help you:

Brand Identity

To paraphrase Vince Lombardi, "Image isn't everything, it's the only thing." Your identity says as much about you as it does about your products or services. So, don't sell the brand—or yourself—short.


All of the work you see here was written from scratch. Basic copywriting. Occasionally, clients have copy already written and they need it "polished," edited for clarity. No problem. I just put on my editing hat. It's like a regular hat, only smaller.

Radio/TV Production

For radio, I will not only write the concept, I will also find voice talent, and arrange for recording and editing the final spot. For TV, I will put together bids, handle pre-production, supervise the shoot and oversee editing. I may even buy you lunch.

Project Management

For collateral materials, print campaigns or other projects, I manage everything from concept to completion. I also work with superb designers who make images come to life. They know how to operate fancy software programs.

Working Together

Don't worry. The meter won't run continuously, leaving you clueless as to what a project will eventually cost. I usually work on a project basis, so you will get a firm quote before we even start. Seems to work for most clients.

Let's talk about making it work for you.