Barry Cadish

SureID Thumbnail   SureID

SureID (formerly Eid Passport) is a leader in identity management. I wrote all the copy, and we rebranded the company in September 2015 with a new name, along with a modern look and feel. The end result is a friendlier, more consumer-oriented focus.

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Targeted primarily to military customers, RAPIDGate gives third-party personnel "rapid" access to military installations and government buildings. The previous site was hard to navigate. In this redesign completed in 2015, customers can find the information they need quickly and enroll in the program more easily. Since launch, there has heen a rapid increase in hits and engagement.

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Wilbur Resources   Wilbur Resources

I helped design the site and wrote all the copy for this motivational speaker and personal coach. Her no-nonsense style and refreshing approach to coaching meshed well with my own writing style. The site launched in November 2015 and has seen a steady stream of new clients for Renee Wilbur’s burgeoning business.

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  Fifth Third Bank

This campaign literally put readers in the driver's seat. In addition to a web presence, it included separate educational booklets and PowerPoints, all focused on financial and retirement planning. People responded: Fifth Third Bank saw a 25% increase in 401(k) deferrals.

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