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Barry talks art…and it ain’t pretty

Has it really been three months since my last post? If so, my apologies. I need to be more diligent about this whole blogging business. Which means getting down to the business of blogging.

I spoke last time about how lame I was (and still am) when it comes to drawing out my ideas. Truth is, I suck terribly at sketching much more than a doodle. I cannot even draw a straight line with a ruler. I cannot color within the lines. I cannot paint or mold clay in a way that resembles anything more than…a pile of clay. I don’t do art well at all. In fact, I look at a Jackson Pollock painting and see, well…paint running down a canvas. This is art? In fact, you (yes, you) can create your own Jackson Pollock-type painting right here. Right now. It’s so easy, even a writer can do it. But I digress….

Anyway, by default, I wrote. When I discovered I had a knack for advertising concepts and subsequent advertising copywriting, my career began to take off. While a student at Advertising Center, I was surrounded by people who could draw exceptionally well. We called them budding art directors. Trouble was, they spent most of their time drawing up their ideas instead of thinking about them. One class project, for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art comes to mind.

I can’t remember the exact assignment, but I do remember all these art director wannabes comping lovely picture frames, vases, semi-nude models and other assorted art-like images. One person in class drew a beautiful picture frame with detailed scrollwork all around. But there was no…idea. We didn’t know what the hell her concept was and the instructor pointed it out. As a result, I believe she withdrew from class shortly thereafter and was never heard from again.

So I can’t emphasize enough that concept is king in this business. Spend your time on formulating the idea instead of making pretty pictures that make people scratch their heads and say…huh?

Which is my usual reaction to Jackson Pollock.

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