Barry Cadish
Portland, Oregon


A few things to crow about.

Naïve at the advanced age of 19, I wrote to be underpaid… professionally.

My first stint was as a ghostwriter. I sat on the edge of a Los Angeles PR maven’s bed, hunched over a Smith Corona balanced on a clothes hamper, and banged out Hollywood trade publication press releases and celebrity interviews I was a made man… professionally.

The salary stunk, but with the free movie passes, I always had a date. Some lucky, unmemorable girl and I saw Star Wars before the rest of you.

My potential caught up with me in the form of an award-winning, 25-year advertising copywriting career, beginning with BBDO/West. Afterwards, it was on to J. Walter Thompson in LA.

Then it was escape from LA… to Portland, Oregon. I worked for two smaller agencies, and then the open spaces inspired me to risk a challenge. For a few years, I stretched my chops as a full-time freelancer. I broke out of my shell to try public service commercial writing and production for KGW Newschannel 8.

Meanwhile, politics was proving the old adage that advertising is the most fun you could have with your clothes on. Inspired by the President Clinton/Lewinsky affair, I launched a website in 1999 to collect regrets from people world around, with an eye towards publishing a book. And I did. “DAMN! Reflections on Life’s Biggest Regrets” hit the shelves in 2001.

Now, I write television, radio and print ads, plus brochures and other collateral pieces. I’m an adopter of new communication technologies—exploring Web 2.0 and social media.

When I’m not writing, there’s reading, traveling, gardening, yoga, golf, movies, and often eating out. You’d never know to look at me.

I’m like Gumby. With clothes on.